Day 5: How to get to a Big Task

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Welcome back to 31 Days to Building a Cleaning Routine!

Day 5 task: How to get to a Big Task

I already established a cleaning routine on Tuesday. This list mainly is just a thorough list I came up with to maintain cleanliness in the home. Of course, there may be additional cleaning/home improvement-type projects for you to work on occasionally.



It seems like I always have some project in mind. We don’t get to a long-term or ongoing project every week, but I usually put it on the to-do list in hopes to get to it.


We all know how husband don’t like to be told at the last minute what chores we want them to do, right? Right?

I’m definitely a goal driven person and I sometimes am inclined to ummm….tell my husband how he can help me achieve my goals. Which was probably not the way he wanted to spend his day off. How do you 1) Get started on a big task, and 2) Get your husband’s help?


Get Started

Step 1) Attitude

Realize that what you want done is usually just something YOU want done, not necessarily him. So, if you have that mindset you won’t be thinking that “he should help me out” on every project.

If you are doing this project and it’s for you, then don’t expect praise from him. Even if it’s something that will also benefit him, such as:

– organizing the basement, or
– deep cleaning before guests come over (he would probably just pick up and tidy, instead of a more thorough clean).

Just have the attitude that you are doing it for yourself, to make you happier. If he compliments you, then that is fine, but don’t expect it.



Step 2) Gather Materialshanging cabinets

Ongoing and long-term projects usually take a chunk of time. You may be able to set some of the groundwork and gather all the materials on your own, or you may not.

For example, this 31 Days series is a project I took on. I have done the research and gathered all the cleaning supplies needed (which I will share with you tomorrow).

However, when I asked for my husband’s involvement in hanging the basement cabinets, he volunteered to do the research and making the supply list. Then, we went shopping for the materials together. It was so much fun for him to take the lead in that project!!


Step 3) Timing

My husband has been very gracious and willing to work on some of my honey-do lists for him on his days off, as long as I give him advance notice…not just ask for his help on that day off.

– Mention a project you have it mind, without naming a time you would like to have it done by, if possible.

– Collaborate on when you both have time to work on the project, either together, or separately.

– Be flexible and willing to put off the project if something comes up.

Do you have any tips for tackling a big project?


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