5-day Slow Down Challenge: Focus

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5-day Slow Down Challenge: Focus

(original challenge here)

Focus is the key word for both Day 3 and Day 4 of the challenge. Multi-tasking. Does it really work? You can’t give your all to two or more activities at a time. Something is suffering. We end up doing one ore more of the tasks poorly.

We don’t try to multi-task during family time, do we? Or how about trying to work on a blog post while watching a movie. It doesn’t work.

Since this slow down challenge started I have been more diligent about giving my complete focus to Baby Ain while I’m feeding him, or when he starts “talking” to me. He is giving his complete focus to me and he deserves it back, especially when right now he needs the talking time to develop and grow. As I mentioned last time – these chances don’t last long – I want to take advantage of time with my infant while he is still an infant!

With this in mind, instead of trying to fit our tasks into smaller blocks of time, let’s try to get fewer things accomplished with our full focus! 

Doing ONE thing at a time really can be more efficient. Give priority to the task at hand – that way you are more likely to succeed in doing your work well.



To do for Day 3:

  • Pick one task you want to accomplish and write it down.
  • Write down all the distractions you can think of that would get in the way.
  • Turn off your phone and/or other technology and get to work.
  • As you work, glance at your list and remind yourself what really matters.


What’s your one thing you need to accomplish today?


Day 4: Interruptions to Focus

We’ve talked about focusing and making a priority of one task at a time to be more efficient. What about when distractions happen? When kids are around – interruptions definitely happen. When technology is around – interruptions definitely happen.

In order for us to enjoy the whole process of life (not just a particular task at hand), we need to welcome interruptions. If you dread an interruption you are just going to be angry when the inevitable happens. But, in having the mindset of welcoming interruptions, you can be reminded that:

  • life is not just about “me”
  • you can’t control everything – let it go!

Welcoming interruptions helps us practice patience. It helps us practice priority.


To do for Day 4:

  • Decide what you will do and who you will be WHEN you get interrupted. You don’t have to let people steal your time, but choose your response before it happens.
  • Block out time to spend with a person who usually interrupts you.
  • When an interruption occurs, welcome it. Look for what you can learn from the experience, and don’t get annoyed. Instead, embrace this as a chance to grow.


I plan on practicing these two areas of focus over the next week before I move on to Day 5.

What lessons do you learn when you get interrupted?