5-day Slow Down Challenge: Notice

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Today is the first day of the slow down challenge. I’m wanting to take in and fully savor these last 5 days before I get back into teaching piano from my maternity leave. Of course, I want to keep life going in as slow of a pace as I can, even once I start teaching.

5-day Slow Down Challenge: Notice

The challenge was to take time to notice the things that other people are overlooking. Find a way to interrupt your busy schedule and enjoy what’s right in front of you.

To do: Spend 15 minutes going for a walk (inside or outside) and as you do try to look around, take note of what you see and write it down. Then, as you go through your day, revisit the list. Remember what you noticed and say a quick thank-you for each item.


What I saw:

  • Photobooks full of memories – I took time to look through a few and reminisce. Why have photobooks unless you take time too look through them?
  • Beautiful baby finally asleep – I love having this carrier so I can walk throughout my house (or put dinner in the crockpot) and still have my baby close to me. (I also took a 2 mile walk outside this morning using this mei tei carrier.)


2013-08-28 15.30.37

  • Wonderful summer produce to enjoy! – My mother-in-law is providing us with produce from her garden since I was unable to garden this year.


2013-08-28 15.45.44

  • Newborn mementos ready to be put in a shadowbox


2013-08-28 15.47.43

  • Favorite soundtrack piano music ready to be played

2013-08-28 15.50.28

  • Colorful cloth diapers to enjoy

2013-08-25 09.19.58

  • Baby boy smiles to greet me every morning!!

2013-08-25 08.14.11sm

What do you see when you stop to smell the roses?