5-day Slow Down Challenge: Savor

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Over the weekend I’ve definitely been savoring the time with family. Savor is the word for the second day of the slow down challenge.


5-day Slow Down Challenge: Savor

Something precious is lost when we get so busy and consumed with what is “urgent” and on the “to-do list”. I love how the saying above puts it, “Busyness robs us of the gift right in front of us”. Life moves much too fast for us to be making light of spending time with family. Who knows what tomorrow might bring?

It’s not easy to slow down, but it is certainly worth it!!1_Busyness98db41

To do: Spend quality time with family. Hold my son and cuddle with him lots!! (because this cuddling stage won’t last forever). I’ve also been stopping what I’m doing if I notice Ain watching me or “talking” to me, and I will make eye contact with him and talk back.


What do you need to savor more?