“More Than Just Making It” – mindset change!

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My husband and I live a frugal life. We try to keep to our budget and carefully track how we spend our money. We’ve gone through seasons of having an “income problem” and my husband was even unemployed for the … Continued

“What energizes you?” and thoughts on being joyful

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I don’t always pick a word for the year. Last year my word was hustle – and I did hustle: completing my certification as a doula, and supported three women in birth. This year – I’m going to focus on my … Continued

Habits and Goals for the beginning of 2017

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For 2017, I’m not going to write a list of goals I would like to accomplish for the whole year. I tried that last year, and for about half of my goals I lost interest, or wanted to change gears. … Continued

4 Traits of Entrepreneurs as a Work-at-Home-Mom

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Yes, I am an entrepreneur. I’ve had been calling myself just a stay-at-home-mom who is working towards writing books and accreditation as a doula. It’s a slow process. But I’ve realized I need to change my mindset. I AM an … Continued

4 Simple Tips to Help you Get Organized Today

I’m sure I’m not alone. No matter if you are married or not, have kids or not – most of us struggle with staying organized and keeping free of the excess in our life. Time keeps going by swiftly and … Continued

5 Things I Do Every Day to Stay Sane

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Are you overwhelmed with everything in life? Are you stressed out because you have a million different things going on and several places you would like to be/need to be at the same time? Are you just trying to figure … Continued

Monthly goals for March and April

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At the beginning of February, I shared some of my goals for the year and what I was going to work on for the month. Since I wrote the post for additional accountability, I wanted to follow up with how … Continued

Ebron Asher – One Year!!

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Dear Ebron, Your first year birthday has come and gone! For some reason, having you as the second born turn 1 feels a lot different than when Ain turned one. Maybe it’s because I know how much you will change … Continued

Seasonal Meal Planning

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Meal planning takes up a lot of time. Over the last 5 years of my married life, I’ve tried numerous new recipes. In fact, during our first year of marriage I never once repeated a meal (besides our homemade pizza, and … Continued

The things that are saving my life right now

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  Modern Mrs. Darcy challenged us to think through and write a list of what is saving our life right now. It’s a great question to think about and helps bring to our attention what to be grateful for. What is … Continued

Stop the “draining Mommy” cycle

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Kids are such a precious gift from God. I can’t help but give my boys a kiss every time I pick one of them up. They are so lovable. Except when they are NOT. Except when you are in the … Continued

Reclaiming My Mornings

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I’ve always been more productive in the mornings and I like to get up early, but I’ve struggled with being disciplined enough to go to be early. And I NEED my sleep. I don’t function well on little sleep. I’ve … Continued

Today I have a new mindset that will change my life!!

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Today is a new day. I woke early, spent some time in prayer, and took time to really process. I have a new mindset, and a goal that I’m going to renew my mind daily and this IS going to change my life!! … Continued

Our boys: update on Ebron Asher (8 mo.) & Ain Levi (2 yrs.)

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I feel bad – #momguilt – that I have not posted more updates about my second-born Ebron. For my first I posted an update every month until he was a year. Now, my second is 8 months old and I … Continued

Focus for this Website

I am constantly pulled in so many different directions. I have two boys under the age of 2 1/2 and I have the type of personality that wants to take on every challenge I hear about! Haha. Yet, I want … Continued

Setting Life Priorities

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This week I’ve been working through a little 4-part mini-series on Belonging to a Family of Families. First, I talked about what Christ’s plan for the Church was. We looked at Ephesians 2:17-3:11, where Paul states he was given the task to … Continued

Living Within a Family of Families

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Hello everyone! I talked about what Christ’s plan for the Church was, earlier this week. We looked at Eph 2:17-3:11, where Paul states he was given the task to preach the gospel to the Gentiles and secondly, to reveal to everyone what the household … Continued

Belonging to a Family of Families

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Yesterday I talked about what Christ’s plan for the Church was. I talked about how Jesus loves His church and planned for it in eternity past. He provided for it through His death and resurrection. He gave it a mission (the … Continued

Christ’s Plan – The Church

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God has built into each one of us a sense that we are put here on Earth for a purpose. Life is not meant to be spent meaninglessly, year after year just going through the motions with no sense of … Continued

Top 3 Reasons to try Baby-Led Weaning and How To Start

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This post is a follow-up to my original Why I’m doing Baby-Led Weaning and What it Looks Like. I wanted to write this follow-up post after refreshing myself on the baby-led weaning approach and how I’m handling it with my second baby. … Continued