Ebron Asher – One Year!!

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Dear Ebron,

Your first year birthday has come and gone! For some reason, having you as the second born turn 1 feels a lot different than when Ain turned one. Maybe it’s because I know how much you will change in this next year. Maybe it’s just because you are a different person than Ain. In some ways you seem younger than Ain was at a year, and in some ways you seem older.

I want to you know that I am so blessed to be your mother!! I look forward to seeing your smiles and laughs every day. I love how you sometimes cling to me, and always make a beeline and crawl to me whenever I enter a room. When I first held you up to play with the light switch, you giggled and looked at my face as the light changed, instead of looking at the light. You are definitely a people person – you look to people’s faces and are a lot more interested in Ain’s baby doll than he ever was.


Mobility: You are crawling like crazy now (you started crawling at 10 months, which is month and a half younger than Ain); are also are pulling up to standing, and even initiated climbing the stairs on your birthday!! You have to keep up with your older brother, right?

climbing stairs

Sleep: You are a decent napper. You still take 2 naps (unless Momma has to be out shopping with you), with one longer nap and one shorter nap each day. If we are around other people and you are tired, you still put on a good face and socialize until you are overtired. And you have to be home in your crib to nap – you don’t go to sleep in the pack ‘n play at other places. You go to bed around 7:30pm – which is still Ain’s bedtime! Most nights you are still waking once and I nurse you and you quickly fall back to sleep. I’m wondering if there are any food intolerances which wake you up sometimes. I am eating dairy now (but I still limit cheese) and that sometimes bothers you just a bit, but you are doing a TON better!!

Ebron in carseat

Play: It’s hard to know what you love best – laughing at Ain’s antics, swinging and playing around with Daddy, or talking and smiling with Momma. You and Ain are best buds already – he is the one who can get you to laugh the loudest and the longest!! It’s so cute and endearing. Your favorite toys are the toys that you can bang together (or really that Ain bangs together to make you laugh). You also LOVE mirrors and seeing yourself in a mirror.

play with mirrors

Music: I have to add this category – music. You seem to be drawn to music (of course Ain was as well) and try to sing along when you hear a song playing. Since you can now pull up to standing, you have pulled up so you can reach the piano to play it! One of my favorite moments was a video I recorded of you and Ain. Ain was playing the piano and you decided to crawl up right next to the piano and start singing loudly!

reaching for the piano

SocialYou study people rather than trying to figure out how things work (like Ain did). You used to smile at just about anyone, now it seems you are a little weary of people at first. I think your main objective these days is getting Momma or Daddy to hold you and interact with you. You are definitely a Momma’s boy!! If I am in the room, you have to be next to me.

Ebron and Momma

Diet: At one year, you are breastfeeding 4-5 times a day (when you get up, before each of your naps, and before bedtime). Sometimes you wake in the middle of the night for a feeding as well. I’m going to let you lead how you cut back on feedings (for example, sometimes you don’t eat much right before your afternoon nap and you might drop that feeding soon).

You LOVE to eat solid food and have been eating 3 meals a day since you were 9 months old. You now sign “more” when you are hungry right before dinner time. You eat just about everything I put in front of you, but you love bananas and oranges. Since Ain always picks the red ezpz mat (and seems to gravitate toward the colors red and blue for many things), we have now color coded dinnerware and you are given the color green.

Ebron eating

Likes: Besides music which I mentioned earlier, you also love rolling around with Ain on his mattress. You love and are best buds with your brother. Ain loves you back immensely. After Ain says, “A is for Ain” and always says “E is for Ebon.” It’s so fun to watch you two together!!

brothers wrestling

Water – you have really enjoyed your baths lately – and the times we have gone swimming. You LOVE being squirming in Momma’s arms (you have been a bit clingy lately). Now that you are crawling, you love to explore new places and examine new things – everything is a toy in your mind!

Daddy and Ebron

Firsts & Milestones:

  • Jan. 2 – 10 months old and you started moving into almosting crawling position. I started calling you “yoga baby.”
  • Jan. 4 – You started crawling today officially! Ain was cheering you on the whole time. 🙂 Check out this video!
  • Jan 20 – First time you were really intersted in drinking from a cup (in the past when we’ve given it to you, you were quick to turn it upside down and push on the lid to make a mess).
  • Jan 21 – First time both boys played independently together for a longer period of time (while I made waffles in the kitchen)!

boys playing together

  • Jan. 27 – Third tooth! Your top right tooth poked through.
  • Jan. 31 – First time at the indoor pool. The shallow end was closed, so your first experience was in the cold water. You did not really enjoy it too much.
  • Feb. 3 – 11 months yesterday and first time boys “wrestled” together. 🙂
  • Feb. 20 – You pulled up to standing for the first time today!


  • Feb. 29 – You pulled up to standing totally on your own today and stood for a long time!


  • March 2 – Your first birthday and the first time you crawled up the stairs

first birthday

You are growing up too fast!! Here are some 1 year professional photos we had taken by Sarah Long at Joyful Photography:

Ebron Asher




family funny



We love you, little man!