Monthly Goals for February

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I wanted to share my goals here on the blog so I have additional accountability. I have big goals and big plans for 2016 – I’m so excited for this year!! I took most of the month of January to set my goals for this year. I have 20 goals for the entire year – yikes!! But for the month of February, I’m going to focus on these 10 goals:

  • 1. Year goal: Listen to the whole Bible. February goal: Listen through to the end of Proverbs.

    I listen to the Bible in the mornings while doing chores, cleaning, etc. Then I finish during the kid’s nap. I’m using the YouVersion read the Bible in 90 days.

  • 2. Overall goal: Get up early for a daily quiet time and journaling.

    The Make over your Mornings 14-day online course has given me a great kick start for this habit! I also started an accountability Facebook group that is keeping me going.

  • 3. Year goal: Finish series 1 and 2 of the First Principle Series. February goal: Finish the last book of series 1 of First Principles.

    fpseries1Each book in this series is a six-sessions Bible study guide to help establish believers in their faith. Instead of the typical fill-in-the-blank booklet, this study involves Bible passages and readings, Socratic discussion, personal reflection, and projects. I’ve really enjoyed leading a group through this series!

  • 4. Year goal: Memorize Ephesians. February goal: Memorize Ephesians ch. 1.

    I’m memorizing 1 verse a day (and taking Sundays off, and some Saturdays off). At that rate, I will be done by the end of August. If I’m giving myself grace, I’m hoping to be done by the end of September or October.

  • 5. Year goal: Read 18-24 books. February goal: Read Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine and Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson. I’m getting back into using Goodreadsgoodreads-logo
  • 6. Year goal: Teach Ain godly character through the Fruit of the Spirit curriculum. February goal: Teach 5 weeks straight without taking a break.

    I’ve had a little bit of trouble being consistent with a totschool schedule for Ain. At this point, I like to have a curriculum to work through, but I’ve been a bit too lax in not being prepared enough. I know at this point, everything is a bonus, but I do want to build some routine in our weeks.

  • 7. Year goal: Read through a couple of books with Matt. February goal: Read the first 6 chapters of Shepherding a Child’s Heart with Matt.

    We are taking some time on Saturdays to read 1 chapter then immediately discussion and evaluating whether or not there is something to apply from what we just read.

  • 8. Year goal: Write 50 blog posts and 12 posts for the Borough. February goal: Write 4-5 blog posts, averaging about 1 each week.
  • 9. Year goal: Write 2 ebooks. February goal: Outline books and start writing book proposals.So excited about this – I will share more details in the future.
  • 10. Year goal: Become certified as a birth doula. February goal: Read through to page 104 (at least) in the Physiology in Labor and Birth manual.

I’ll keep you updated on how much I get done by the end of February! Stay tuned for my upcoming post on how I’ve already menu planned for this whole year!! (Take that decision fatigue!)
What goals do you have for this year?