Our boys: update on Ebron Asher (8 mo.) & Ain Levi (2 yrs.)

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I feel bad – #momguilt – that I have not posted more updates about my second-born Ebron. For my first I posted an update every month until he was a year. Now, my second is 8 months old and I have only posted about him for his birth, him at 2 weeks old, and now.

Screenshot_2015-11-03-08-48-46 - Edited

Going from 1 child to 2 children was harder than going from 0 to 1. Part of the reason was that Ain was an easy baby (besides the brestfeeding struggles), but Ebron was fussy during the first few months. I finally figured out he had acid reflux, because of a dairy (and probably soy) intolerance. Once I stopped eating dairy he became an easy baby – granted that was between 3 and 4 months, and an older baby gets easier anyway!! So, looking back, 4 months was a milestone of breathing a bit easier as a mom of two, then at 6 months I felt I really had the hang of dealing with 2 kids on my own and going shopping with 2 kids, etc.

Ebron’s firsts

I didn’t track Ebron’s firsts very well (except via Instagram). So, for this post I wanted to go back and compile the firsts so I have them all in one place. I know as I have been experiencing these first months with Ebron, I have been comparing his firsts with Ain’s firsts. And it seems like they starting doing things around the same time (for the most part). Get ready for a lot of cuteness (and a long post)! This has taken FOREVER to compile, but I’m glad I have it to look back on!!

Ebron at One Month

My "due date" picture, when Ebron was 2 weeks and 1 day old.
My “due date” picture, when Ebron was 2 weeks and 1 day old.


It was right about 3 weeks old when Ebron started getting reflux-y. (Yep, I just made that a word!) And it affected his sleep. It was hard to get him down for a nap, or just for the night. He would take the pacifier sometimes.

He also started having what I would call “scream feedings.” It was not fun to nurse him at all, he would suck and then scream, and then suck and then scream. His latch was perfect at birth and for the first two weeks, but with this scream feeding routine, his latch was very light. Thankfully, he still nursed very frequently (every two hours, or every hour and a half) and it didn’t affect my supply.IMG_20150326_160941



Being a mom of 2 boys under age 2 was hard to adjust to. Thankfully, Matt was home in the early weeks (he was between jobs). I’m not sure how I would have dealt with this really fussy baby without Matt around to talk to and to give Ain the attention he needed.

Ebron found his thumb pretty early, and has continue to prefer being a thumb sucker to using a pacifier.




Ebron at Two Months


This was the month of very little sleep. I discovered that Ebron had acid reflux and I was trying to figure out if anything in my diet was affecting him. I also wore him a lot – I used the Soothe shirt by Lalabu.


  • Met Great Grandmother, and others on my Dad’s side of the family
  • Smiling intentionally at Momma, Daddy, and others
  • Carrying on “conversations” with others, particularly women
  • Rolled from your back to tummy
  • Participated in the Great cloth diaper change



As I hinted before, Ebron was not sleeping very well at night. He would sometimes still be waking every 2 1/2 – 3 hours. After one night, I posted this on my instagram (with the picture below):

“Worst night yet… if your nursling has acid reflux regularly do NOT, I repeat do NOT ever drink coffee!! And if you do, wise up and give him a bottle of breastmilk from the freezer instead of trying to keep nursing a screaming baby!! I’m so exhausted… #caffeinegetoutofmysystem!”

Worst night yet... if your nursling has acid reflux regularly do NOT, I repeat do NOT ever drink coffee!! And if you do, wise up and give him a bottle of breastmilk from the freezer instead of trying to keep nursing a screaming baby!! I'm so exhausted... #caffeinegetoutofmysystem!

Ain at 22 months


  • Started to climb more (onto chairs, side tables, etc.)
  • Transitioned out of the nursery and into a twin bed on the floor















Ebron at Three Months


  • First picture as a family of 4 on Mother’s day (the featured picture!)
  • First word, “hi” to Daddy, then Momma and Nana and others
  • You started napping in your crib
  • Started playing with your piano mat
  • Started using a woven wrap to carry Ebron regularly. Loved it!!

IMG_20150515_085035_picmonkeyed (1)

Ain at 23-24 months


  • Got a slide for the backyard in preparation for his birthday (you can read all about his birthday here)
  • Started doing toddler learning activities with him
  • Learned to count to 8!
  • Independently opening Daddy’s laptop to watch Pokemon on Netflix
  • Singing to match the pitch on the piano!
  • Painted his first picture

This is the age Ain really just started having a LOT of energy and was getting into everything and exploring. So I took advantage of the warm weather by taking him outside a lot!

Ebron at 4 Months


  • Loves to grab his toes
  • Started sleeping in his crib for naps AND overnight
  • Rolled from tummy to back for the first time
  • You stopped falling asleep while breastfeeding, so Momma has to work harder to put you down for a nap (more on that below)
  • Such cute full-belly laughs!
  • This is when he began to be so interactive with the whole family at this age; laughing at Ain, making faces at Daddy, staring and smiling to Momma



At 4 months is when I started using the carrier method to help Ebron fall asleep for naps. Like when Ain was this age, Ebron’s naps were shorter – usually 40-50 minutes long. And he would have trouble falling asleep on his own. If I gave him the pacifier, he would just take it out and play with it. If I laid him down when tired, he would just start kicking his legs faster and faster. So, he needed to be worn until he fell asleep (and he would usually fall asleep within 5 minutes of me putting him in the carrier). Then, after 10 minutes I would transfer him to his crib. It worked well. I decided I wouldn’t mess with what worked, until it didn’t work anymore – which was right before he turned 8 months. (More about that later.)



In the pictures above, the boys are wearing the same size diaper (snapped together for almost the same fit!) Ebron is 4 months and Ain is 2 years old. Here are their stats below:

At 4 months, Ebron was 13 lbs and 24 inches. He’s around 20th percentile for both measurements. Ain was around the same at the age, so they are following the same bell curve (at least for now).

At 2 years old, Ain was 23 lbs and 34 inches. This puts him in the 3rd percentile for weight (which he’s been in the 3rd percentile since around 9 months) and 20th percentile for height.

Ebron at 5 monthsIMG_20150712_154246


  • He likes being worn in the Ergo, especially as he was going through his stormy “wonder week” – developing and learning new skills.
  • Ebron is sucking his thumb more and more and is not wanting the pacifier.
  • He plays with his piano mat a lot.
  • Loves to explore the sounds he can make and giggles a lot!
  • Sits up pretty well while being supported and leaning against Momma or Daddy
  • He’s got what I call this cute “tongue smile” – where he sticks out his tongue as he is smiling.

Ain at 25 months


IMG_20150717_161935 - Edited

  • He loves to be “Momma’s helper” and help out with unloading the dishwasher, making breakfast sandwiches for Daddy, or making pizza on family night.
  • We visited a farm and Ain got to see a pony and goats for the first time.
  • He is more active – going down slides more at the playground, and climbing more.
  • When we visited storytime (it had been a month or two since we had last gone), Ain was sitting down and paying attention to much of storytime for the first time!
  • We painted at Painted Kanvas twice this month – once with Momma and once with Daddy. Even though, he doesn’t like to get dirty himself, he had so much fun moving the paint brush across the canvas.
  • This is such a fun age, and Momma has fun documenting the “toddler activities” she is coming up for Ain. He tried out playdoh for the first time and has really gotten into puzzles lately. I’ve also introduced him to the letters of the alphabet – he plays with them and there is a you tube video I let him watch on occasion. (If you want to see more pictures, check out my instagram feed! In fact, you HAVE to go and check out this video of Ain dancing!) It’s around this time that I decided to start “totschool” with Ain in September.


Ebron at 6 months


  • He plays with something using both hands, and will transfer object from hand to hand.
  • Ebron started sleeping 9 or 10 hours straight at night, although it’s not consistent yet.IMG_20150831_174033
  • This was what we called the “mohawk age” – the hair on his sides had worn down, but he still had long hair on top. And he has maintained more hair than Ain had at his age.
  • Ebron had his first bath WITH his big brother!
  • Since you were showing signs of readiness (bringing food and objects up to your mouth, opening your mouth and moving towards food, and sitting up pretty well with limited support), we decided to go ahead and start giving you solids. It was pretty funny, the first couple of times, you ended up sucking your thumb (which had a little bit of squished avocado on it), or sucking the apple slice and your thumb at the same time. Haha!
  • You can select a toy to play with and you  LOVE your swing – well, you love reaching for the stars. 🙂
  • Said his second word, “Mama!!”
  • Ebron intentionally gave me a kiss for the first time!

Here are the two boys, at the same age:

Ebron at 6 1/2 months
IMG_3202 - Edited
Ain at 6 1/2 months



Ain at 26 months



  • (Picture on the right) So, while I was feeding Ebron, Ain brought a capital T to me and said “It’s an I”. So close! And he’s so smart!! (We have capital letters on our fridge that spell Ain and we talk about it often.) So, then I got the correct I and asked him to get an A and an N! This is what he brought! SAlso, yesterday, just within his own babbling I heard him say “A, I, N.”
  • Loves to play with legos and trains now.
  • He has the patience and interested to sit down and listen to books all the way through, so we participated in the summer reading program!
  • We took the gate down around the twin mattress in his room! So when he wakes from a nap, he can start playing on his own now.
  • Ain is climbing a lot more, if he has the opportunity. He once climbed up on a small table and also into the crib in the nursery.IMG_20150821_125818
  • I’ve continued to do toddler activities with him – he loved the watercolor!
  • This summer we’ve been growing peppers and tomatoes – he helped to harvest those vegetables and red peppers are a favorite!
  • He helps take the trash out to the dumpster now!




Ebron at 7 Months



  • We saw our cousin Wyatt again – he’s almost the same size as Ebron!! (he’s 2 1/2 months younger)
  • He is rolling onto to his tummy regularly now.
  • Said, “Dada”
  • Ebron understands the word and sign for “milk” and signs it while he is eating.
  • He is sitting up on his own for a little bit at a time.
  • Ebron’s first two bottom teeth popped through!
  • We had our family pictures this month in a sunflower field!! Below is a close-up of Ebron that I absolutely LOVE!!




Ain at 27 Months


  • We began totschool with Ain this month!! He loved it. We started with a theme in colors and shapes and he’s got those down now!
  • After just a few times of exposure to the Alphabet song, he started singing it around the house all the time. He also is able to identify most of the letters now.
  • 12037984_10103160566306749_9057498980017538921_nHe had his first professional haircut with Daddy!
  • We visited a “touch a truck” event – so fun!!
  • Ain is so curious and is soaking everything up like a sponge! We try to get time in outside when we can. Below is Ain’s expression when we found a spider on a big web. He is acting out what I say when reading a book we have, “Eeek! An itsy-bitsy spider!”


Ebron at 8 Months



  • He started eating a lot more solids this month. He loves to experience the food (and make a mess)!
  • I’ve put a bit of food on his spoon and he has brought it to his mouth.
  • He is sitting up on his own for long periods of time (still occasionally falls, but he has very good balance and strength now!)
  • Ebron is sitting up riding in the grocery shopping cart now!
  • He has tried lots more foods – bananas, bagels, bread, cheerios, sweet potato fries, peanut butter and jelly (first time was because Ain gave Ebron a bite out of his sandwich when my back was turned for a second).
  • I can eat dairy now and it doesn’t affect him!! (Well, I sometimes wonder if cheese still affects him just a tad.)

Ain at 28 Months


  • Learned about fall and animals in totschool. We spent time outdoors and visited Deanna Rose Farm as a family to see all the animals!!
  • Ain experienced the Maple Leaf Festival again in Baldwin.
  • We visited the pumpkin patch as a family.
  • We went to Mustard Seed’s Fall Festival and dressed up:
Winnie the Pooh and all the characters from Hundred Acre Woods!
Winnie the Pooh and all the characters from Hundred Acre Woods!
  • Ain can take off his clothes and can put on his shirts and pants with very little assistance.
  • He has also learned how to cut a banana with a butter knife (and of course, loves to share bites with Ebron).


Breastfeeding and Ebron’s Sleep

IMG_20151107_163228Breastfeeding is still going well with Ebron. And, as I mentioned before – I can eat dairy now and it doesn’t affect him!! Yay!!! He is sleeping 11 plus hours straight every night consistently – it’s so nice! We’ve fallen into a routine of good naps for this week (except today). I hope today is just a fluke and he is going to continue to sleep well and allow me to have “me” time in the afternoon while both boys nap, but we’ll see.

I’ve been savoring the times I have breastfeeding Ebron lately, because I know it won’t last forever. It seems like it was ages ago I was breastfeeding Ain. Babies don’t keep. 🙁 So, I’ve been jotting down the little “mannerisms” Ebron has had while breastfeeding, so I can remember them later. In the early months, he would just grasp onto my hand or fingers with his outside hand. Then, around 3-4 months he would swing his whole outside arm around in circles, like a baseball pitcher. At 5 months, when he was tired, he would put his arm over he face as he nursed. Around 6-7 months he learned to sign “milk” and would do it while nursing with his outside hand. Now, at 8 months, sometimes he signs milk and sometimes he pats his tummy as he is eating – it’s so cute!!

Thank you for allowing me to write this LONG post about my boys. I want to remember every single day with them. My memory is horrible though – that’s why I write! I know that our time with them is fleeting. Not only is it true that babies don’t keep, but toddlers don’t keep either. I love my family so much!! I both wish I could make time stand still AND see what boys (then men) these two grow up to be!