Reclaiming My Mornings

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I’ve always been more productive in the mornings and I like to get up early, but I’ve struggled with being disciplined enough to go to be early. And I NEED my sleep. I don’t function well on little sleep. I’ve had to adjust in these babies years of surviving on little sleep, but I’m only just surviving. I’d rather be thriving. I know that unless I make some changes, I’m going to be stuck in this survival mode.

So, I’m going to be going to bed early and waking early.

Morning Routine

I NEED the quiet of the early morning time to process, reset my mindset, and care for myself. I would LOVE to have a couple of hours in the morning to going through a Bible study, blog, work through my doula course, and plan. I have so many things I desire to do with my time and I think getting up early would help me be more productive. My rough plan is to spend time in the mornings to:

  • Be in the Word – I want to both grow in my faith so I can better teach my children and feed my soul.
  • morning timeGet moving and exercising – This first quarter I will focus on Diastasis Recti Recovery.
  • Current projects – Each day I will focus on something different during this time: LifeN course, First Principles Bible study, doula reading, blogging.
  • Plan for the day – I am going to be making a practice of looking ahead to the next day the night before. But, I will also take a short time in the mornings to review my planner, check emails, preview my day for success, etc.

I am hoping to have time for all of this before breakfast with my kids. I can hope for the best, but I need to plan for a messy reality. The hard part about this season of motherhood is coming to terms with the reality that it isn’t always realistic to get up early every morning.
I can hope for the best, but I need to plan for a messy reality. Click To Tweet

As I said before, I NEED a decent night’s sleep in order to function well for my family. However, I’m still in the nursing baby stage with my youngest. And potty practicing/training is going to be coming soon with my oldest. So, I need to find a balance between my goals and reality. This will be my plan:

  • Go to bed early EVERY night. Yes, even on the nights that means less time with hubby. Because, in the end, when I get a good night’s sleep and early start, THEN I can have more time with him the next day!
  • Set my alarm for the early time every single morning. When the alarm goes off and I’ve had a decent nights sleep (only being up once or not at all) I will promptly get up. If it’s been a rough night, I give myself grace and go back to sleep for another hour.
  • Plan for what I’m sacrificing on the shorter mornings. I will be giving up exercising time and have a shorter current projects time on these mornings. However, Iwill still (unless my whole morning is shot because of sickness, etc) spend the full time in the Word.
  • Be willing to give myself Grace, but still have an action plan. I am thankful I don’t have a certain time I have to complete my projects by at this stage. So, on the roughest of mornings, I may only have time to focus on the present and urgent. But I will still try to take time to be in the Word and plan for the day only. I can read the Bible while my kids are eating breakfast, then make sure I have a plan for the rest of the day before I release them from the table.

Reclaiming my mornings

Getting dressed, having a quiet time, and planning are the important parts of my morning routine. Click To Tweet

Evening Routine

Regardless of what time I ultimately get up, I will also have had time the evening before to prepare for a messy reality. I am purposing to see the vital importance of planning ahead the night before. I have an evening routine that I have put in place and have been practicing. Evening routine:

  • After I put the kids to bed, I take care of dishes and wipe down the counters. 
  • Consult Google Calendar and my planner. I may have to pull dinner or meat out of the freezer, prepare papers or bags for an event if I’m going somewhere the next day, etc.
  • Pack Matt’s lunch and pick up. On a good day, usually there is just a few dishes to put in the dishwasher and I’ll start it, then a small pile or two to pick up in the living room.
  • Lay out my morning work and my workout clothes. It’s so nice to have everything ready to go in the morning, so I can get to work and not waste time. This also is a reminder of the reason I’m going to bed and it gets me excited for the morning. Oddly enough, this helps me go to sleep faster. I realize this may not work for you, but it’s what I do.
  • Add a few things to my to-do list for the next day as I brush my teeth and get ready for bed. I use the Google Keep app for my ongoing to-do list so it always right by me. (On Sundays, I plan my tasks for the week, but nightly I review them.) Reviewing and adding to my to do list help me do a brain dump and get it written down on paper so that my head is clear and I can go to sleep faster.

I still have some refining to do in my evening/morning routines, but I’m excited for this fresh start!!

I’m also going through (only 3 days in!) Money Saving Mom’s 14-Day Make Over Your Mornings course (affiliate link). It’s just the inspiration I needed to help get myself back in gear. What’s great is that it is very affordable – only $17!!



In the course Crystal shares valuable insights on how creating a successful morning routine isn’t necessarily about rising early, but more about how to use those morning hours well.

Someday I’ll be able to wake early and have plenty of uninterrupted quiet time to start my day but for now I will gladly take and make the most of the few precious moments I have. For me it’s about having quality time, not quantity, in the morning hours.

Have you reclaimed your mornings? What does your morning routine look like for you in this season?