Our boys: update on Ebron Asher (8 mo.) & Ain Levi (2 yrs.)

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I feel bad – #momguilt – that I have not posted more updates about my second-born Ebron. For my first I posted an update every month until he was a year. Now, my second is 8 months old and I … Continued

Babywearing with Baby #2

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You know what’s awesome? Babywearing. You know what helps so much when you have two kids under 2, OR when your little one has reflux? Babywearing.                     You know what makes babywearing … Continued

Ebron Asher’s First Two Weeks

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It has been an adjustment getting used to 2 kids, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. I think it helps that we still have a newborn who still sleeps a lot during the day. So, we do … Continued

Birth Story – Welcome to the World Ebron Asher!

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Ebron Asher Pool was born Monday, March 2nd at 11:22pm – 2 weeks before his due date. I had NO idea Monday morning that by the end of the day we would have a newborn (even though, during week 33 I had … Continued

What You Will Need the First Couple of Months of Motherhood

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It’s so hard to know what you will really NEED for a baby. The baby industry has grown a lot in recent years and it’s just so easy to be sucked in and led to believe that you need this … Continued

Why I’m doing Baby-Led Weaning and What it Looks Like

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Baby-led feeding is the practice of giving your baby soft, palatable whole foods and letting her feed herself her first ‘bites’, while continuing to breastfeed. The theory is that babies will experiment and discover food at their own pace, as well … Continued

Project Declutter: Nursery Expedit

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Day 10: Nursery Expedit So happy to be done with the nursery!! It is my favorite room in the house – I love all the colors and when it is picked up, it is so peaceful!! So, let’s show you … Continued

Project Declutter: Nursery Closet

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Day 9: Nursery Closet While I’m still brainstorming how I’m going to organize my Expedit, I decided to tackle the nursery closet today. Here was the messy before:     It was actually somewhat organized, but I was not really … Continued

Project Declutter: Nursery Organization

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Day 8: Nursery Organization This is the messiest room in the house!! It desperately needs organizing AND decluttering. Especially since recently a friend of mine gave me even more boy clothes – yay!! Now, just to fit it in the … Continued

Ain’s 1st Birthday – Very Hungry Caterpillar!

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Ain is now One! The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of my favorite books, and since Ain has had Very Hungry caterpillar toys since birth I thought it would be a great theme for his first birthday! If you are … Continued

Ain Levi – One year!!

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Dear Ain, Your 1 year birthday has come and gone (post on that a little bit later)!! Crazy! I can’t believe how much has happened in one year – and now the start of your second year of life. I … Continued

Baby Boy: 11 months

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Dear Ain, Mobility: You are starting to get more mobile!! You are a rolling maniac now – rolling in both directions!! You can also scoot backwards on your tummy, but then get stuck since you can’t move forwards. Sleep: Because of … Continued

Baby Boy: 9 months

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Dear Ain, You are 9 months already – time is going by too fast!! Momma was excited for your doctor’s appointment – we wanted to see how much you have grown. Weight: At the doctor’s appointment we found out you were … Continued

Tips for soothing a teething baby

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My little one just had his bottom two teeth break through this week, when he was one week shy of 9 months. I know he’s been working on the teeth for awhile and he’s been “teething for about a month. … Continued

Baby Boy: 8 months

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Dear Ain,   Another late post – next week you will be 9 months, but I wanted to record everything you’ve done by 8 months! Here are some milestones that you have reached: you are sitting up on your own … Continued

Mess-Free Christmas Handprint Ornament

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The project was SO EASY to do! So easy that my mom did all the work while I held a slightly squirming 6-month old AND took the pictures!! I LOVE the fact that this project does NOT require getting an infant’s … Continued

Easy DIY Baby Legs Tutorial ~ Mustache Edition

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So, my husband got me THIS for Christmas!! It didn’t arrive until Dec. 31st, BUT I didn’t waste any time. I knew exactly the first project I wanted to do. I grabbed the men’s mustache socks I had purchased at … Continued

25 Signs You’re a Mom

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1.You’ve crawled under a crib at 2 a.m. searching for a pacifier like your life depended on it. 2. You have to make a rule about no poop conversations while on a date with your husband. 3. Happy hour has become … Continued