Ebron Asher’s First Two Weeks

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It has been an adjustment getting used to 2 kids, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. I think it helps that we still have a newborn who still sleeps a lot during the day. So, we do … Continued

Newborn Standard Hospital Practices You Should Think About

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There are so many awesome topics related to pregnancy, labor, and giving birth. Someday I’ll do another series which is more focused on pregnancy and natural birth. I could spend time talking about writing a birth plan. I definitely would suggest … Continued

Ain’s Birth Story and How I Realized I am Strong

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I am strong because I labored for 27 hours and pushed for an hour and a half on three hours of sleep and without any pain medication.   WARNING: This is a birth story. If reading about childbirth isn’t your thing, you … Continued

Baby Boy Nursery

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So, if you’ve been following Romance on a dime you’ll know that we were expecting a Baby Girl. Weeks ago we completed her nursery – the colors were gray, yellow, and pink. I wanted it to be elegant and peaceful. … Continued

Welcome to the World Ain Levi Pool!

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Welcome Baby Boy!   Boy, were you a surprise! Ain Levi Pool (pronounced ‘long A’ and the word ‘in’) was born on Monday, June 24th. His names mean ‘Merciful’ and “Gift of God’. He certainly is a gift. But, he was … Continued