The 4th Trimester and Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty

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The 4th Trimester – have you ever heard that term before? It’s a real thing. The process of giving birth is not just about the newborn. When a baby is born, a mother is also born. A father is born. Big … Continued

Pregnancy #2: Week 30

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Crazy! Where has the time gone? I’m already to week 30 of my pregnancy!! Remember week 30 last pregnancy? I shared the awesome baby girl shower my mom and sisters threw for me. This time, we are going to have … Continued

Slowing down as we approach the holidays…

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As you know, I’ve entered my third trimester of this pregnancy – yay!! This pregnancy has gone by so fast! Unlike the last pregnancy, not all of our attention is devoted to my day by day progress, or monitoring the … Continued

New Mom Gift Guide

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I have so many friends who are pregnant right now – including my youngest sister!! Wahoo – we are bump sisters! So, I thought I would put together a fun new mom gift guide. You can use this resource for … Continued

Pregnancy #2: Week 27

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been craving sweet things lately, especially with all the Christmas cookies, etc. being pinned on Pinterest!! And, I’ve given in to the cravings and have been making sweet things a LOT. (Don’t … Continued

What You Will Need the First Couple of Months of Motherhood

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It’s so hard to know what you will really NEED for a baby. The baby industry has grown a lot in recent years and it’s just so easy to be sucked in and led to believe that you need this … Continued

Pregnancy #2: It’s a… (week 24)

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Hello all – it’s been a bit of a quiet month here because we went on a CRUISE!! It was our babymoon before baby #2 comes. We left Ain behind with Grandparents, so it was a nice, relaxing, connecting time … Continued

Pregnancy #2: Week 20

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Hello all! So, I’m definitely not updating you all as much during this pregnancy, as I was with my first pregnancy. Haha. Last time I shared I was just 14 weeks along. I also haven’t been taking as many bump pictures. I’ve … Continued

New Mom Meals and Freezer Cooking

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I know at least for me, it wasn’t until 6 weeks postpartum that I wanted to, or had the ability to expanded my mental focus and think about menu planning, grocery shopping, and freezer cooking for our family once again. … Continued

Newborn Standard Hospital Practices You Should Think About

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There are so many awesome topics related to pregnancy, labor, and giving birth. Someday I’ll do another series which is more focused on pregnancy and natural birth. I could spend time talking about writing a birth plan. I definitely would suggest … Continued

A healthy baby is NOT all that matters in birth

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A healthy baby is NOT all that matters in birth Very often when people say, “a healthy baby is all that matters,” what they mean is that the baby survived birth. But that is not the only thing that matters. … Continued

Motherhood – It’s a rite of passage

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In our day and age (and specifically the American culture) we treat birth as something that is no big thing. It happens everyday and can be managed with medication. But it IS a big deal!! From the perspective of the … Continued

31 Day Series: Preparing to be a New Mom

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I’m joining in the challenge. Over the next 31 Days, I am going to be blogging everyday on one topic: Preparing to be a New Mom. (UPDATE: I am not able to blog everyday since I have a 3 month … Continued

Ain’s Birth Story and How I Realized I am Strong

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I am strong because I labored for 27 hours and pushed for an hour and a half on three hours of sleep and without any pain medication.   WARNING: This is a birth story. If reading about childbirth isn’t your thing, you … Continued

Baby Boy Nursery

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So, if you’ve been following Romance on a dime you’ll know that we were expecting a Baby Girl. Weeks ago we completed her nursery – the colors were gray, yellow, and pink. I wanted it to be elegant and peaceful. … Continued

Week 40 of Pregnancy

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So, now I just finished week 40 pregnancy! My due date was June 14th. We’ll see how long Baby Girl wants to stay cozy – I want to see her and hold her! How I feel Waiting….waiting….My husband is home all … Continued

Week 39 of Pregnancy

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This week has gone by fast – I finished week 39 of my pregnancy! Today is my due date! How I feel We are ready, ready, ready! As of Sunday last weekend I have felt ready to go into labor. I … Continued

Week 38 of Pregnancy

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Hello all! I finished week 38 of my pregnancy! Now just 6 more days until my due date – but we are as ready as we can be!! How I feel I’m satisfied at how ready we are. The nursery is done!! … Continued

Baby Girl Nursery Reveal!

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I am SOO EXCITED to show you the nursery!! ***UPDATE: We had a boy, not a girl! So, here is how I changed it. It is finally done – all details in place (minus a name banner which I might … Continued