Take it on Tuesday #40: DIY Car Mount For Your Cell Phone

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DIY Car Mount For Your Cell Phone

Yep! You guessed it, techie husband here, guest posting it up right nice.

I won’t lie, I found this elsewhere online and thought GENIUS! But, be it pinterest, facebook, or some other blog… isn’t that how we find most of our DIY projects? How many of us are truly 100% original? (ok, maybe it is just me who isn’t… 😉 )

So, who wants to drop $10-$15 bucks on a car mount for your cell phone just so it can break or lose it’s grip in a week? Be honest, we have ALL been there and many of us either drop MUCH more for a mount we KNOW will hold like this, or (heaven forbid) this or say ‘forget it!’ and just let it sit on our lap precariously or put it under our parking break or anywhere else that puts it too far away to let us change or adjust any settings as we drive.

(Generic warning about how this blog is in no way supporting driving while using your cell phone blah blah blah… come on, we all do it whether we think it is right nor not, let’s not be hypocrites.)

So. What do you do?

Let me tell you… no… better yet, let me SHOW you:

Presenting (loud fanfare) the DIY Car Mount that will cost you under $2 (if you have to purchase either of these items to begin with.)



What you need:

  – A large (2 inch) Binder Clip (Don’t look at how it is bent already, that would be cheating!)



 – Rubber Bands (Any amount that makes you feel secure, you will see what I mean.)

– Optional: Macrame Thread




– Two sets of pliers – preferably needle nose for precision, but it can be done without.

Here we go!

Step one – take apart the binder clip.

Step two – bend the metal pieces to a 90 degree angle with the pliers and then put the clip back together.

IMG_0513-150x150IMG_0515-150x150 (1)






Step three – wrap the rubber bands around the clip.

Step four – marvel at how crazy easy that was… because you are DONE.

Clip the clip to your air vent (or anywhere else that works for you) THEN put your phone in by stretching the rubber bands (see how they give you the counter tension you want to hold your phone in place?)


Optional additional step: Wrap the macrame thread around the areas that will make contact with your phone so you don’t chance scratching it. I skipped this step as my phone is always in a case.







And, if so inclined, it can also act as a stand!






Now, off you go. You know you can’t help but want to go and make your own.


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19 Responses

    • Betsy Pool

      🙂 Yep, you were the first to the party!! Thanks for being so helpful! I will tell my hubby about the phone holder being a good idea.

  1. Janet

    The cell phone mount is an excellent idea! In CT it’s illegal to use a handheld while driving so that would be great. I bought a clip-on bluetooth to mimic the new car systems that tie into the stereo system and it doesn’t work with my current phone, though it was fine with the Blackberry. I’m glad I didn’t go spend more on another bluetooth device! Thanks.

  2. Chris M


    I built this one before last year. Piece of advice, to keep the phone from sliding around in the clamp and to keep it from marring up the sides of the phone, try taking a bit of extra tubing (even the outer sheathing from an old USB/Printer cable works great) and put the metal wires through that and reassemble. Also, I like using one of Candace’s old black hair-ties instead of rubber bands. they last longer, especially with all the heat we’ve been having.

    • Betsy Pool

      I’m glad you found Romance on a dime too. I’m going to check out your blog. Thanks for commenting!!

  3. David Barfield

    Betsy, Please have Matt make me one of these. Great idea. Dad

  4. Kim@NewlyWoodwards

    This is so smart. Thanks for sharing this little tutorial, I think it’s a must for us to have in our car.

    (Stopping over from Serenity Now.)

    • Betsy Pool

      Kim – thanks for stopping by Romance on a dime! So glad you commented. I’ve been stalking your blog for awhile – so glad to see you here!

  5. Sauce

    Best part about this? The artist being played on the phone. <3 The Classic Crime.