Take it on Tuesday: Mounting cabinets in the basement

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WE finally got it done!!!!!!!! I’m so happy!!! So, remember when I showed you my kitchen remodel? That was back in March, right? Ever since then we’ve had our old kitchen cabinets sitting in our basement, ready to be hung.

It just seemed like a daunting task. But we finally got it done!!!

I don’t have a before picture, but believe me our.basement.was.MESSY!! Here is the space after we cleared away the clutter:

bare basement


We are not experts by any means, but I want to show you how we hung our cabinets. I thought it went really smoothly and I’m so impressed with ourselves – everything was level! ūüôā

How to Mount Cabinets

Step 1:

Find a video tutorial that will walk you through the steps, make it look really easy, and give you a list of tools.

Рcabinet washers
– level (it can be much smaller than the one they use in the video.)
– stud finder
– clamps
– shims
– 1 ¬†1/4″ pan head screws
– power drill
Step 2:

¬†Find the studs and mark up the wall with a pencil so you know where they are. Also, use the level to draw a level line where you want the top of your cabinets to be. Place your cabinets on the floor, but lined up with where you will be putting them on the wall. Mark the back of your cabinets at the point that they will be lining up with the studs. (If you are confused by what I’m saying, watch the video.)

Drawing lines where the studs line up.
Drawing lines where the studs line up.
 Step 3:

Drill holes in your cabinets where you will be screwing the cabinets onto the wall. (These holes will be within the stud lines you just drew.)

drill holes image

Step 4:

Have your wife, or someone, help you hold the cabinets up while you screw the cabinets to the wall. Make sure it is level before you drill. (You should have drawn a level line in step two for this.)

first cabinet image

Check out and congratulate yourself on how level the cabinet is!!


level cabinets image

Step 5:

Repeat steps with other cabinet. Clamp the cabinet to the first hanging one. Screw to wall, making sure to watch that you are keeping it level and lined up.

cabinet clamps image

Then, we hung one more cabinet set on another wall!! (Measuring and leaving space for a fridge, just in case we wanted one for the basement – my husband thought of that idea!!)

second set of cabinets


Step 6:

 Enjoy organizing your spaces!! (This took the most time.)

cabinets finished #1


Then, we decided to take the doors off of this cabinet set:

second cabinet set finished

¬†I just love the layout and how much floor space we now have!! So, what have you been working on lately? What have you been “taking on”?


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    • Betsy Pool

      Every time I walk downstairs and see the basement, I can’t stop exclaiming how I’m so glad it’s done!! My husband probably thinks I’m crazy. ūüėČ

    • Betsy Pool

      Thanks Deirdre! It was my husband who researched how to do it, saw the video, and made the list of supplies. I really was just the helper and I’m so glad he was so willing to get it done!