The things that are saving my life right now

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Modern Mrs. Darcy challenged us to think through and write a list of what is saving our life right now. It’s a great question to think about and helps bring to our attention what to be grateful for. What is giving you life? There is MUCH on my list, but here is a list of just a few things that helped me out today.

My journals

After a busy weekend, I always love to spend time decompressing and processing. Journaling helps me do that. It’s so therapeutic. I love these two journals!! The first, Mom’s One Line a Day helps me to intentionally think about my kids and record a special moment I had with one of them. And what’s even better – this book allows you to fill in 5 year’s worth!! Secondly, I’m also loving the Choose Love Gratitude Journal. This journal also has space for just one line a day, a thought prompt for each week, and then a little bit of extra space to write after each month – it’s perfect!

 my journals

Periscope Encouragement

I love all the encouragement for moms out in the periscope world! I regularly watch Crystal Paine’s (@moneysavingmom) #MorningMotivation scope and her #MoneyMakingMom scopes. My other favorite scoper is MacKensie Monroe (@boldturquoise). She hosts a  Cultivating the Lovely show each morning which talks about how we can bring out and focus on the lovely, in either starting new traditions or completing the mundane tasks each day.

Downton Abbey Tea

Mmmm – I love a good cup of hot tea with a spot of milk and honey. 🙂

Morning Routinemorning time

I’ve finally got a good morning routine established (and evening routine to help set up my mornings for success)! It includes sitting down with a hot cup of tea, having a quiet time, writing in my journals, getting dressed for the day I want to have, checking my planner, and writing. It’s so freeing to feel like you have accomplished much before your kids wake up! (Granted it doesn’t go perfectly every day, but it’s happening more and more!)

Staying Home

There is just something about winter time – it’s just so dreary, windy, and cold outside. So I never want to go anywhere. I time my grocery shopping and other errands so I can do it on the same day. This saves me the hassle of leaving home too frequently and using my time inefficiently. I love not needing to go anywhere most days!!

Nest Cam Security Camera

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We got this for Christmas and it was such a great investment!! We use our nest cam in our toddler’s room – it has a 130 degree camera angle and captures his whole room. That way, we can monitor his activities night and day from our phones. We can go back and watch the history and if we want to save the video of something that happened in his room earlier in the day then we can do that as well. (We have and love the nest thermostat as well.)


Quiet. I need it. NEED it in the middle of my day, in order to survive until dinnertime. Sometimes I even use naptime to make dinner. But most of the time I spend 30 minutes relaxing, and then the rest of the time working (either finishing a morning project, working on finances, reading, or blogging),

My Once-a-Year Meal plan

I get decision fatigue rather easily, especially when it comes to menu planning. I’d rather menu plan when I feel like it, instead of thinking about it every other day. Back at the beginning of December, I planned out meals for an ENTIRE year and it has been so nice! I have a post planned for later this week talking about this once-a-year meal plan – so more details on this to come!

What things are saving your life right now?