Today I have a new mindset that will change my life!!

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Today is a new day. I woke early, spent some time in prayer, and took time to really process. I have a new mindset, and a goal that I’m going to renew my mind daily and this IS going to change my life!! Let me share with you how God is working in my life. It may help you see how you can start to process some things in your own life.

I’m changing my mindset on these things:Pools

1) My family is not poor.

My husband and I have had to scrimp and save for most of our marriage. We have sometimes been living paycheck by paycheck. We use WIC and while my husband was unemployed, we even at one point were on food stamps for a while. BUT, we are not poor. God has always provided for us and even though we do have some debt, it’s not even remotely as high as the average American. Even with all of those facts, I REALLY need to change my mindset.

Yes, we do live on only one income right now, but it is a steady income. God has provided this job for us and I need to stop thinking, “we don’t have money, we don’t have money.” We do have money. We can put a little money aside each month.

We have the opportunity to be good stewards of the money God has provided for us and live so we can give generously!! We can spend money to save money as well. We can and I want to find ways bless others.

This morning I admitted to myself, and to God that I have not had a frugal mindset. I’ve had a miserly mindset. That needs to change. I can find ways to use the money we have to glorify God. The money God has provided for us is not for us to hoard so we can “feel secure.” It is to use wisely, and part of using money wisely is to give it.

new mindset

2) I will take care of myself first, so I can care for my husband.

This really does go hand in hand. I need to change my mindset about how I spend my mornings. I need to take care of myself first, so I can care for my relationship with my husband.

I need to take care of myself first, so I can care for my relationship with my husband. Click To Tweet

I am so blessed to have married Matt. We have been married 5 years now, and with how busy we are and how my time is taken up with kids, we have had many conflicts. I need to remember the blessing Matt is in my life. I’m going to change my mindset about Matt.

I am going to spend most mornings thinking about and journaling about how I can love him better and be a better helpmate for him (and also how I can be better in general). AND then I’m going to tell Matt in an email what I thought of that morning. I’m doing this in written and email form, because I both process by writing and communicate best that way. I know I need this quiet time in the morning to process, since I’m an introvert. When this happens, then I can be a better wife and mother for the rest of the day.

I also know, as I take the time to do this, it will be good to dwell on the good qualities Matt has. And I will be more likely to think the best of Matt and act out of a loving, caring heart towards him. I will see that Matt:IMG_20151003_163758

– has the tendency to work until a task is not just done, but done WELL.
– has a desire for us to have a great marriage, not just a “get by” marriage. He has the drive to communicate with me, to talk through our conflicts, etc.
– challenges me to be the best I can be!
– is servant-hearted and sacrificial. He serves at home when he can and is constantly telling me how I need to rest myself, so I am my best for my family. I haven’t been doing that, but I want to start doing that. I haven’t believed him, but I need to.
– can see the potential impact I can have through my writing and is excited about it.
– puts my wants and desires above his priorities so many times.

3) I will Choose Love.

I am not always in control of my circumstances, but I can choose what my response is. Every day, every moment, I have a choice. If my focus is not in the right place, I can easily get frustrated and impatient with my kids (or husband). Recently, I’ve been wearing a choose love bracelet to remind me to rely on God’s strength and to change my mindset. Instead of reacting to circumstances and lashing out in frustration, I wear this bracelet to remind me to be present and patient with my kids.


Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom had this bracelet (for only $15!!) designed for her for this very purpose. It sold out the first time she offered it, and she is now offering it again – until it sells out! Hurry over to her shop if you are interested.

I have hope that with a daily renew in these 3 mindset changes, I can start to be better in every area of my life!! I need to remember that I can only change and grow relying on God’s strength. I’m so thankful for His continual work in me, and for Him opening my eyes as to how I can change.

With this change in mindset it’s going to be a great rest of December and a great 2016!! I’m so excited!!

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  1. misty

    this is fantastic. I appreciate your honesty. I feel like you just wrote about my life. My husband I have more conflict about kids and money than anything else. as a matter of fact, that’s really the only thing we fight about. It’s exhausting by the end of the day keeping the we are broke and unhappy mindset. I love how you have decided to see things differently. thank you for challenging this wife and mama to see the blessing in everything. ❤

    • mothersroad

      You are welcome Misty!! I’m glad this helped you some. I’ve have to re-read this post many mornings so that I can continue to build a new habit of having this new mindset.