Wednesday’s Wrap-it Up Blog Hop! #1

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There are 25 days until Christmas!!!

Time to start wrapping those gifts! This year I’m wanting to be more creative in wrapping gifts. I don’t have a lot of money, so there are going to be a lot of DIY elements in my wrapping. Take today for instance – I used a Target bag to create a flower!! (I followed the tutorial from Creature Comforts.)



It was really easy and this is a great, frugal way to add some pop to your package! All you need is a plastic bag, scissors and 5-10 minutes of your time! Here’s how I made the flower:


Step 1

First, lay out your bag. Cut off the handles (you will use those later) and cut off bottom of the bag so you are left with a tube of plastic. Open the bag and cut down the seams so you have two separate sheets.


Step 2

Starting at one edge, cut around your square in a continuous line (as in the picture above. Don’t worry about making look like a perfect line. Repeat with second square. You now will have to long strips of plastic. Great! Hard part over. This is where knowing how to make a pom pom comes in!!


Step 3

Take one of the plastic strips (I used the white one first so it would be on the inside and the red would show more) and wrap it around your fingers, using your thumb to keep it steady.


Step 4

Repeat with the other plastic strip.


Step 5

Take your hand out. Pick up one of your plastic bag handles (which you saved in Step 1!) and tie it around the entire bundle. You may want to secure it by tying a double knot. Leave the ends of the plastic handle hanging loose for now.


Step 6

Take your scissors (the pointier the better) and cut through the loops that were made when you wrapped the plastic around you hand in Steps 3 and 4. They might be hard to see and all bunched together, but don’t worry, it’s not hard to mess up. Just cut the loops the best you can!


Step 7

Holding onto the plastic handles (that you have NOT cut off yet!), gently shake open or fluff open by re-arranging the individual “petals” to make it appear full. At this point, you may decide to trim some of the pieces that stick out or make it look  lopsided. I did just a little trimming to mine. And…you can NOW cut off the handles if you are satisfied with your flower!!


Here is the result on my first wrapped gift for this Christmas season!


I love the look of simple brown wrapping paper with colored accents!! Remember when I made felt flowers for the first time? Those are also a great addition to a brown package (and fun to make)!! Here are a few more pictures for your inspiration!


From the thrifty crafter



From 33 shades of green



from d. Sharp Journal


How are you wrapping your presents this year? Link up if you have posted your gift wrapping ideas!!

I will be having this Wednesday’s Wrap-it Up linky party every Wednesday until Christmas!! Linking up to A Little Tipsy, Southern Lovely, Gingerbread,  Polkadots on Parade, and Tip Junkie.


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